Doritos-Not just for the Living

This 30 second commercial was entered into Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Contest 2014


There were two revisions of the script before production began and one revision on the set before shooting. The concept on all the scripts was based on the TV series “The Walking Dead’. The location of the shoot was at a peach packing warehouse. We had enough time to shoot a test reel, and create story boards for the project.


Crew call was 6am in the morning. I was happy for the big turnout of extras. Makeup was provided by three makeup artists who did an excellent job creating zombies. During the shoot, we employed a jib as well as a Movi stabilizing rig. The main camera used on set was a Canon 7D with zeiss lenses. We also used a Canon c100 for tracking and moving shots.

Post Production

The commercial was edited in record time. Music was provided from the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest website.

Meet the Cast

Daren Devivo

Daren plays the role of the boyfriend who ate the bag of cool ranch. Daren caught the acting bug from the shoot and has had several roles in independent films.

Heather Cole

Heather plays the role of the girlfriend who gets revenge on her partner who ate the last bag of Doritos. Heather is an accomplished actress who has played many roles in Philadelphia and New York.