About the Client

Ballzee is a manufacturer of golf-related products and apparel marketed internationally

Before Trebor Digital Productions

Ballzee needed a production partner to develop and produce a series of commercials that would air on ESPN and be integrated into other media advertising campaigns.

How We Helped

Trebor Digital Productions developed a series of “extreme golf” concepts featuring the “Ballzee Boys.” These concepts were presented and adopted by Ballzee for their commercials. Trebor Digital Productions worked closely with Ballzee to write, produce and shoot these commercials. Finally, the content was mastered for national broadcast. Trebor Digital Productions has since been responsible for repurposing existing Ballzee content for rebroadcast and access on the Ballzee website.

Benefit Realized

The commercials have been used as the foundation for Ballzee’s advertising campaign aired on ESPN. This campaign has generated greater brand-awareness and driving product sales via the getballzee.com website. Content produced by Trebor Digital Productions has also been integrated into a video golf magazine