A Christmas to Remember is about a father’s dilemma in revealing to his young son that a thief who broke into their home dressed as Santa is not the real Santa.

  • Director/Writer: Bob Haines
  • Director of Photgraphy: Jason Druss
  • Editor: Craig Hanna
  • Music: Keith Lubrant
  • Set Designer: Maggie Young
  • Sound: Greg Orlandini

A Christmas to Remember

Meet the Cast

James Brady

Frank-The Father

James Brady plays the role of Frank the father. James is an accomplished actor with credits in several movies.

Raye Teyssier

Elaine-The Mother

Raye Teyssier plays the role of Elaine the mother. Raye is primarily an actor/performance artist, with a focus on stunt work.

Michael Walsh

Young Son

Michael, although young, came to the set every set prepared with his lines memorized.

Terry Molloy


Terry Molloy plays the role of “Santa”. He spent most of his life as a lawyer in California. Terry spent four days as a contestant on a game show and his foot appeared in a print ad for socks. His recent work includes a commercial filmed in December.


Police Officer #1

Doc plays the role of a police officer. He has been doing stand-up comedy for decades, and is the originator of the Out Of Nowhere Comedy Tour- on the road since 1996. He’s been seen on A&E’s “Bomb Squad”, done work in television and radio, written three books, and is currently co-hosting a radio comedy hour on WVLT-FM. Doc has had leading roles on surveillance video since his youth.

Barry Hemmerle

Police Officer #2

Barry plays the role of a police officer. He was known as Barry Von, stand-up comic from the 80‘s and 90‘s with a handful of movies and commercials to his credit including Rocky 5 and Forman Mills with Bill Bergy. Barry is the author of two books and a former writer for Conan. O’Brian.