Doritos-The Breakfast Project

This 30 second commercial was entered into Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Contest 2015. It is about two children trying to make breakfast for their parents.


The script was story boarded and a shot list was made.


Crew call was 8am in the morning. The commercial was shot with a Canon 7D. We used two shotgun mics with a zoom recorder for audio.

Post Production

The commercial was edited in final cut studio. Music was provided from the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest website.

Meet the Cast

Daren Devivo

Daren plays the role of the boyfriend who ate the bag of cool ranch. Daren caught the acting bug from the shoot and has had several roles in independent films.

Heather Cole

Heather plays the role of the wife who is surprised then shocked regarding the breakfast her children made. Heather is an accomplished actress who has played many roles in Philadelphia and New York.