Questions to Ask

Below are a list of questions you should ask when considering hiring a video production company.

Does the owner have experience in video production?

Did the owner go to school for video production? Do they or did they work in the industry? Robert graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in film & television, has worked for many clients and is currently working in the field of television production. He also has earned several certificates for classes he has taken within the industry.

Is the owner subcontracting employment

If the owner is subcontracting the work and does not have experience in the industry how can they supervise the subcontractor.

Can they show you a variety of samples they completed

Can the owners show you a variety of samples from different industries? Trebor Digital Productions actually did the work on a variety of videos and there were no subcontractors involved.

Can the owners provide references?

Can the owners provide references from the clients they did work for? Trebor Digital Productions can provide a list of references from clients stating not only did we do they work, but it was completed on time and on budget.

Have the owners worked with the equipment?

If the owners are using subcontractors, then the answer is probably no. How can the owners supervise if they are not familiar with the equipment. Your project relies in the hands of the subcontractor and not the owner of the business they are representing. Trebor Digital Productions has worked with a large variety of cameras such as Ikagami, Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Cannon. We have worked with Apple, Adobe, Avid, Premiere and Grass Valley editing systems. An example of having over 20years experience in video production.